Global Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong Boosts Business for U.S. Cotton

Global Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong Boosts Business for U.S. Cotton

Cotton Council International (CCI) hosted its largest global sourcing fair to date in Hong Kong, with VIP participants from the entire cotton supply chain, including yarns, fabrics, garments and brands/retailers. Initial survey results show that participants ordered more than 600 samples during the fair, which could directly lead to U.S. cotton sales. The influential participants have a huge global sales network, and participants in the fair annually purchase 2.4 billion meters of fabric.

CCI recruited 121 companies to attend this blockbuster event, including nine yarn suppliers, 51 fabric suppliers, 36 garment suppliers and 25 brands/retailers. Attendees came from 21 countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Indonesia, India, Japan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and the U.S.

The fair began with a briefing session and presentations covering the global raw cotton situation, consumer trends and forecasts, and new product developments. Following the briefing, CCI scheduled 2,181 business meetings between participants during the two-day event. Attendees took advantage of additional networking opportunities during the event to conduct many more informal meetings.

Post-event surveys show that 80% of respondents anticipate doing business with with companies they met at the fair, while 87% said they would participate in a similar event again.

CCI and Cotton Incorporated also promoted the Cotton LEADS™ program during the event and signed up 14 new partners.