U.S. Cotton's Environmental Story Resonates with German Consumers

U.S. Cotton's Environmental Story Resonates with German Consumers

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Cotton Council International's (CCI) messaging of U.S. cotton’s responsible production practices has resonated with German consumers, as evidenced by the 2016 COTTON USA Global Lifestyle Monitor (GLM) research. The latest GLM results show that Germans believe in cotton: 82% of German consumers say that cotton is safe for the environment, and 80% of the Germans view cotton as the most sustainable fiber.

To further support U.S. cotton’s environmental message, CCI recently introduced a video by Cotton Incorporated on cotton’s water consumption, a hot topic in discussions and media reports on sustainability. CCI launched the video on digital and social media in the Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, achieving 124,815 contacts and a total reach of 340,085.

CCI promoted the video on CCI’s German COTTON USA YouTube and Facebook sites, and also distributed it to trade- and consumer-focused digital platforms, with a focus on decision-makers in the textile/apparel industry.

Ten digital business, news and blogger platforms, such as  http://www.mittelstand-nachrichten.de/verschiedenes/baumwolle-was-man-ueber-diese-pflanze-wissen-sollte-20160615.html and http://thegoodrogue.com/wear-cotton-in-summer/,
already launched the cotton water video on their channels. Based on the ongoing daily increase of views, CCI expects a steady spread of the message.

The high interest in the cotton water consumption video shows the importance of environmental topics and the need for facts and information around cotton’s production and water usage. During the past years a lot of misinformation has globally been launched regarding cotton’s water consumption.