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Creating high-quality, high-fashion looks with U.S. cotton.


COTTON USA™ joined with H.W. Textiles and designer Chen Wen to create a high-fashion denim collection.

At China Fashion Week, manufacturer H.W. Textiles, designer Chen Wen and COTTON USATM teamed up to create a new denim fashion line. The collection was made entirely with U.S. cotton and brought the quality that both manufacturers and customers expect from cotton to another level.

See the looks for yourself and discover what’s possible with a high-quality cotton.


COTTON USATM: Passion for Denim - 2019/2020 F/W Denim Fashion Show

Chen Wen is a pre-eminent denim design master in China and worldwide. H.W. Textiles is the first listed denim fabric manufacturer on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

- Karin Malmstrom, Director, China and Northeast Asia, CCI

This is the second time that I have worked with COTTON USA and their licensee to launch U.S. cotton-rich denim fashion collections during China Fashion Week.

Their U.S. cotton-rich denim fabrics are woven with cutting-edge innovative technologies which provide a soft hand-feel and warmth with numerous functional features and a retro fashion style.

- Chen Wen, Vice President, China Fashion Association; Brand Director, “Chen Wen Studio” and “Never”

We are using U.S. cotton in most of our product lines. We choose U.S. cotton because of its high quality and yarn strength that makes it less breakable during weaving. Also, due to less contamination in U.S. cotton, fabrics can be dyed evenly.

When we tell our customers that we are using U.S. cotton they are very happy. It proves that we are using high quality materials and increases their confidence in our products.

- Stephen Tung, Director, H.W. Textiles Co., Ltd.

The design concept was established by integrating the cosmopolitan style of Hong Kong and inspiration from Chinese martial arts novels with today’s fashion trends. The designs endow denim wearers with a passionate lifestyle to transcend time and space.

- Chen Wen, Vice President, China Fashion Association; Brand Director, “Chen Wen Studio” and “Never”

I like the denim collection designed by Mr. Chen Wen very much. This collection uses functional fabrics made of high-quality cotton materials. It is very light but keeps you warm. This special denim fabric is soft, and it’s very comfortable.

- Fashion show attendee