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Eduardo L. Esteve, Jr.


Ted Schneider


Hank Reichle

1st Vice President

Richard L. Clarke, III

2nd Vice President

Ted Sheely


Gary M. Adams


Bruce Atherley

Assistant Secretary

Executive Committee

Eduardo L. Esteve, Jr.

Ted Schneider

Hank Reichle

Richard L. Clarke, III

Ted Sheely

Gary M. Adams

Bruce Atherley

Robin Perkins, Ex-Officio

Craig Heinrich, Ex-Officio

Dahlen K. Hancock, Ex-Officio

Executive Committee Advisors

Marc Lewkowitz

Representing Supima

Johnie Reed

Representing Plains Cotton Growers Association

William E. May

Representing American Cotton Shippers Association

John H. Willis

Representing Committee for Cotton Research

Meredith Allen

Representing AMCOT

J. Berrye Worsham, III

Representing Cotton Incorporated

Board of Directors

Aaron A. Barcellos

Frederick Barrier

Kent D. Fountain

Craig A. Heinrich

James C. Massey

Robin Perkins

Taylor Slade

Philip R. Bogel, II

J. Lee Cromley

Richard Gaona

Matthew R. Hyneman

Curtis H. Stewart

Ernst D. Schroeder, Jr.

Davis Warlick

Tim G. North

R. Steven Dyer

Carlos C. Garcia

James L. Loeb, Jr.

Jarral T. Neeper

Vance C. Shoaf

Paul Ollerton

Advisors to the Board of Directors

Timothy Barry

Representing ICE Futures, U.S., Inc.

Sherry Proctor

Representing Committee for Cotton Research

James W. Jones, Jr.

Representing Southern Cotton Growers, Inc.

Marc Lewkowitz

Representing Supima

Steve Wilbur

Representing California Cotton Alliance

Steven C. Verett

Representing Plains Cotton Growers Association

Ron Craft

Representing Chairman of NCC Exec. Committee

William E. May

Representing American Cotton Shippers Association

J. Berrye Worsham, III

Representing Cotton Incorporated

Michael Tate

Representing Vice Chairman of NCC Exec. Committee

Meredith Allen

Representing AMCOT

Past Presidents

Eduardo L. Esteve, Jr.

2017 - Active

Keith Lucas

2016 - Active

Dahlen K. Hancock

2015 - Active

T. Jordan Lea

2014 - Active

John A. Burch

2013 - Active

James L. Webb

2012 - Active

John D. Mitchell

2011 - Active

Wallace L. Darneille

2010 - Active

Clyde T. Sharp

2009 - Active

Robert S. Weil, II

2008 - Non-Active

Michael M. Adams

2007 - Active

David L. Burns

2006 - Active

Gary W. Taylor

2005 - Active

Robert W. Norris

2004 - Active

Robert A. Carson, Jr.

2003 - Active

David Stanford

2003 - Non-Active

William B. Dunavant, III

2002 - Active

Hans G. Kretschmer

2001 - Non-Active

J. Larry Nelson

2000 - Active

Paul A. Ruh

1999 - Non-Active

Bruce K. Groefsema

1998 - Non-Active

Fred L. Starrh

1997 - Non-Active

James E. Echols

1996 - Deceased

Meredith B. Allen

1995 - Active

Jerry Calvani

1994 - Active

William C. Tharp

1993 - Non-Active

Woods E. Eastland

1992 - Non-Active

J. S. Francis, Jr.

1991 - Deceased

Eduardo L. Esteve, Jr.

1990 - Non-Active

Larry La Touf

1989 - Non-Active

Herman A. Propst

1988 - Deceased

Samuel T. Reeves

1987 - Non-Active

Hank L. Hodges

1986 - Non-Active

Rudi E. Scheidt

1985 - Non-Active

C. L. Boggs

1984 - Active

Peter Hirschfield

1983 - Deceased

Harold C. Weeth

1982 - Deceased

Robert H. Squires

1981 - Non-Active

Dan Miller, III

1980 - Non-Active

G. Frederick Deans

1979 - Deceased

Thomas W. Smith

1978 - Active

Wilber H. Wuertz

1977 - Non-Active

A. Starke Taylor, Jr.

1976 - Non-Active

Dan Davis

1975 - Deceased

M. Carter Stovall

1974 - Non-Active

W. D. Lawson, III

1972-73 - Active

E. Hervey Evans, Jr.

1972 - Deceased

J. Russell Kennedy

1970-71 - Deceased

Robert D. Pugh

1968-69 - Non-Active

Hugo N. Dixon

1964-65 - Deceased

R. Keith Walden

1962-63 - Deceased

A.E. Hohenberg

1961 - Deceased

Howard Stovall

1959-61 - Deceased

Everett R. Cook

1956-58 - Deceased