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COTTON USA. Cotton for a greener, kinder world.

You can depend on us for innovations in sustainability and rigorous fair labor practices.

At COTTON USA, we produce sustainable and fairly grown cotton. Our family farmers own the land. Their fields have been in their families for generations—it’s in their own best interest to protect them for future generations. We have one of the highest rates of adoption in the world for Precision Agriculture, which encourages less water and pesticide usage. And U.S. farmers operate under voluminous, stringent, and enforceable regulations. Finally, COTTON USA has one of the most comprehensive systems for monitoring and measuring all the key metrics involved in sustainability.

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Precision Agriculture

Precision Agricultural Management refers to innovative technologies that use high tech measurement systems driven by computers to achieve high quality and yield with less water and chemicals.

The Most Regulated

COTTON USA is governed by a strict regulatory system. Environmental and workplace regulations are strictly enforced by federal and state agencies and the penalties for non-compliance are both civil and criminal. Farmers fill out extensive paperwork and are inspected by both state and federal officials. Our comprehensive system of sustainability measurement is at the forefront of the industry.

New Technologies

New technologies are the key drivers for precision agriculture. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology allows us to “map” fields, so we know exactly where inputs are needed, and we can use small precise dosages of water or plant protection products. Computer driven moisture sensors improve water efficiency. We also employ “no tillage” techniques to preserve the soil.



  • 2/3 of U.S. cotton land uses only rain water
  • Our water use efficiency has improved by 82% over the past 35 years
  • Cotton is carbon footprint neutral, meaning the plants remove more greenhouse gasses than production produces

Research Study

Sustainability is the difference-maker for your brand.

Consumer concern for sustainability is on the rise. But a new study from Cotton Incorporated shows 91% of consumers believe that cotton and other natural fibers are safe for the environment, compared to just 45% for polyester. Setting your brand apart with a commitment to sustainable inputs could be the differentiator you need. And U.S. cotton is the key to getting started.

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See how these stewards of the land use high tech for eco-friendly cotton.

Meet the Warren family. Father and sons who grow cotton sustainably in the same fields their family has cultivated for over 95 years. Their land is their home, which is just one reason they’re committed to using the most cutting edge technologies to reduce water and pesticide inputs. With moisture probes, high tech weather stations and heat mapping, the Warrens are leaving a smaller environmental footprint to make a better world for all of us.

White Paper

The Sustainable Cotton Consumers Demand

COTTON USA believes in producing cotton using the most sustainable methods in the world. We know this matters to everyone in the supply chain-but it's also deeply important to consumers. In fact, a recent study by CCI found that 61% of shoppers are concerned about sustainability when purchasing clothing, and two-thirds indicate they would put extra effort into finding clothing labeled as environmentally-friendly.

Read the study to learn how COTTON USA can help your business promote a sustainable image and give your customers the products they desire.

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Sustainability Goals

We’re setting our sustainability goals higher.

The U.S. cotton industry is building upon the strong environmental gains already achieved over the past 35 years. The aim is to help members meet their current needs while making the world a better place for future generations.

Specific goals include:

  • Reducing by 13 percent the amount of land needed to produce a pound of cotton fiber
  • Reducing soil loss by 50 percent, in balance with new soil formation
  • Increasing water use efficiency (more fiber per gallon) by 18 percent
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 39 percent
  • Increasing soil carbon in fields by 30 percent
  • Reducing energy to produce seed cotton and ginned lint by 15 percent

See our recent opinion piece in Sourcing Journal.


This chart shows COTTON USA’s continuing commitment to the environment with 35 years of reduced environmental impact.



Field To Market® is an innovative program that is working to meet the challenge of producing enough food, fiber and fuel for a rapidly growing population while conserving natural resources and improving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. COTTON USA is a highly active participant in this initiative. Field to Market® created the Fieldprint® Calculator as a tool that growers use to measure the environmental impacts of crop production management practices and identify opportunities for improvement on their farms, field by field.

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Cotton LEADS™ is a program that is committed to responsible cotton production and is founded on core principles that are consistent with sustainability, the use of best practices and traceability in the supply chain.

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